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To make a full use of our braces, they have to be worn appropriately. We will show you how to wear them properly with our instruction video.

Learn how to wear OSIS Braces >

Making the most out of OSIS Massagers.

We are happy to have you trying out our products for the first time! Before you begin using our products, check out our instructions on how to use.

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OSIS Band user guide

Learn more about OSIS band and OSIS fit application, so that you check your health data at a glance. It will also seek together a healthy way of well-being with useful suggestions based on your daily life.

Learn how to use OSIS Band >

OSIS Scale user guide

You should check out instruction video before using OSIS scale. It can do a lot more than you can expect for a scale. To make a full use of its various features, pay a bit more attention to the videos.

Learn how to us OSIS Scale >
Cautions on imitation and counterfeit products.

Imitation or counterfeit products are often equipped with inappropriately designed massage heads or compression belts, which results in inefficient support and care for your body. Before purchase, please see whether or not these products are designed based upon researches and manufactured in a proper way.
All OSIS products are assembled with genuine parts designed by trusted experts, and have also acquired certifications from national qualification institutions.

Genuine OSIS products are provided with one full year warranty, so that you can enjoy our free-of-charge repair services if malfunctions or defects are found when you have not used them in a faulty way.


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